I'm Annie, a licensed International Personal Trainer and I will help you to create a healthier mindset and life.

Are you BRAVE enough?

At Brave Fitness we believe in sustainbale changes when starting your journey to a healthier and happier life. Changes that will not only work for the upcoming months, but changes that you can keep up with for the rest of your life. 

I can help you and motivate you do make the changes that YOU need to do in your life.

What can I offer you?


Workout plan

I will customize a workout plan specifically for you and for the time you want to work with me. Whether you will have time to work out three, four or five times a week and if you have access to a gym or not, I will help you to achieve your goals.


Support and motivation

I will give you nutritional coaching and advices on a whole food plant-based diet. You will get a weekly diet plan that will be more or less specific depending on what your personal needs are, including food lists, recipes and other inspiration.

Body and health

Technique Analysis

For me to give you the best coaching and training program possible, I need to see what your possible restrictions are and analyse your technique in different exercises.

Online coaching

When signing up for online coaching with me, you will get a training program customized for your specific goals and needs.

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Get in touch with me, info@bravefitness.se